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First Author and all Co-Authors can receive the individual Certificate. Details below;

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Authors can download the individual acceptance certificate soft copy within 12 hours from publication fee payment and copy right form submission.

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Authors also download the publication certificate soft copy as per journal publication schedule(see the publication date of journal). 

Notice For Authors

EBMS-December 2019 Online + Print Issue-
(Economics, Business and Management Studies)
SJIF Impact Factor: 6.008
Journal DOI & Cross Ref: 10.36713/epra1013
JEBR-December 2019 Online + Print Issue-  
(Economic and Business Review)  ICI: 61.33  
Impact Factor (SJIF 2019): 8.045  ISI 2019: 1.433 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2012
Publication Intimation  Updated on 6 Dec 2019  
JEBR  DEC 2019 (Online+Print) Issue Publication Progress -Read   
 (EPRA International Journal of Economic & Business Review) 
JGEL-NOV 2019 Online + Print Issue PUBLISHED 
(International Journal of Global Economic Light )
Dispatch Intimation  Updated on 2 Dec 2019 
JEBR  NOV 2019 (Online+Print) Issue Dispatched...Tracking 
 (Dispatched Date:2 December 2019-Economic & Business Review) 
JGEL-NOV 2019 Online + Print Issue Dispatched...Tracking 
(Dispatched Date:15 November  2019-Global Economic Light )
EBMS-DECEMBER 2019 Online + Print Issue- 
 (Economics, Business and Management Studies)
SJIF Impact Factor: 6.008 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra1013
Review Status: 48 Hours
Online Publication: 72 Hours
Print Publication: 14 December 2019 
Dispatch Date: 16 December 2019
JEBR-DECEMBER 2019 Online + Print Issue- 
 (Economic and Business Review) ICI: 61.33  ISI 2019:1.433
Impact Factor (SJIF 2019): 8.045 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2012
Review Status: 48 Hours
Online Publication: 72 Hours
Print Publication: 30 December 2019 
Dispatch Date: 1 January 2020

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