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Dr.Freda Gnanaselvam 2017-11-08 : 12:51 am

thank you for the quick processing of article for publication. Excellent help for academicians.

M. Prasad F. Jayasuriya 2017-09-20 : 01:16 pm

I was really impressed with the professionalism and promptness shown in handling all matters right from the registration through paper submission to online journal publication. It was actually too good to believe. I am yet to get my printed journal copy, which is expected in mid-October, but I have no doubt that EPRA team will maintain their service levels in that process too. Wishing you a great future to continue the valuable service of supporting the researchers and scholars. M. Prasad F. Jayasuriya Colombo - SRI LANKA

Dr. Temjensosang 2017-09-06 : 05:31 am

Dear sir, The work efficiency & promptness of your journal is amazingly good. your promptness is communication makes your journal different from all other. I wish this culture continuous so long as your esteem journal exist. thanks and all the best.

SUDIPTA HALDER 2017-09-05 : 11:37 am

My heartiest thanks for co-operation and selection of my paper. I am surprised with your services and policy . My heartiest thank to entire team member for this great effort. Hope similar in all future communication.

Gowtham Ramkumar 2017-09-02 : 05:56 pm

Really good work by EPRA team. No words to express my happiness to them. Processing of article is carried out as per scheduled time period. Salute to their commitment and responses for mail and also for regular update regarding status of the article. My wishes for them to carry this good job for the longer period.

R.Eswari 2017-08-11 : 04:04 pm

Thank u sir for your prompt service.Really your service is awesome and also your immediate response to our query and redressing the grievences,really good

P.P.Ajith Kusum 2017-08-04 : 08:35 pm

Your responses, reactions and overall process of publication is excellent. Quick work make our life easier.

Hetal kanaiyalal Soni 2017-07-29 : 03:28 pm

It was great experience. The management is excellent. I m really satisfied with your service. Everything happened as per the scheduled date and timing. I would like to share my experience with my friends for this perfect management. Thanking you.

Jaya 2017-07-28 : 09:42 am

My experience with EPRA journals is very nice..Everything on time..

Angela Akanwa 2017-06-21 : 09:28 pm

I enjoyed publishing with EPRA journals and their services are awesome.

Ms.S.Sri Gayathri, Ph.D Scholar in Commerce, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India  2017-06-05 : 01:11 am

Greetings Thank you for Selecting my paper .I felt very comfortable in all the process throughout the publication. Every details were very clear and user friendly. I would definitely suggest my friends to publish their papers in your journal . With great pleasure. Ms.S.Sri Gayathri.

Nettem.Venkatanarayana, Lecturer in Economics, SVGM Govt Degree College, Kalyandurg & Research Scholar, Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Anantapuramu , Andhra Pradesh, India 2017-05-23 : 10:39 pm

Sir, I am happy to Publish my paper in your journal (JEBR) at earliest time. Further your response is excellent during the paper publication process. Thank you sir once again.

DR. RAHUL SARANIA 2016-12-08 : 07:48 pm

Dear sir, Your EPRA publication is well appreciable. It can really serve the purpose of an academician or a scholar. Thank you.

Dr.Anilkumar, UGC-Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Studies in Economics, Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka, India. 2016-12-04 : 08:45 am

Dear sir thank you very much. We also thank full to you and your team for publishing our paper in time. We hope and plan to publish more papers in your esteemed journals in future..thank you once again.

Fr. John Vasantha Kumar M.Com., M.Phil., MBA.,[Ph.D], Principal, Ananda College, Devakottai - 630 003, Sivagangai Dist, Tamil Nadu, South India 2016-12-03 : 11:23 am

Dear Sir, Greetings. I am extremely pleased to note the quick but friendly approach in printing the article. It is really readable and comprehensive. Thanks for the publication and wish you all the best in initiating and disseminating the hidden knowledge. God bless sir

Notice For Authors


JSEL-APRIL 2020 Online + Print Issue- 
(International Journal of Southern Economic Light)
Previous UGC Approved Journal in 2018 with Journal No: 49178
Impact Factor (SJIF): 6.244 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2712
JEBR-April  2020 Online + Print Issue-  
(Economic and Business Review)  
Impact Factor (SJIF 2019): 8.045  ISI 2019: 1.433 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2012
Previous UGC Approved Journal in 2018 with Journal No: 47335
Publication Intimation  Updated on  2 April 2020  
JEBR  April  2020 (Online+Print) Issue Publication Progress -Read   
 (EPRA International Journal of Economic & Business Review) 
ARER-March  2020 Online + Print Issue PUBLISHED-  
(Agriculture and Rural Economic Research )
Dispatch Intimation  Updated on 16 March 2020 
ARER-March  2020 Online + Print Issue Dispatched...Tracking-  
(Dispatched Date:16 March 2020-Agriculture & Rural Economic Research )
JEBR FEB 2020 (Online+Print) Issue Dispatched...Tracking 
(Dispatched Date:2 March 2020 -Economic & Business Review) 
JSEL-APRIL 2020 Online + Print Issue- 
(International Journal of Southern Economic Light)
Previous UGC Approved Journal in 2018 with Journal No: 49178
Impact Factor (SJIF): 6.244 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2712
Review Status: 48 Hours
Online Publication: 72 Hours
Print Publication: 15 April 2020 
Dispatch Date:  16 April 2020
JEBR-APRIL 2020 Online + Print Issue- 
 (Economic and Business Review)  ISI 2019:1.433
Previous UGC Approved Journal in 2018 with Journal No: 47335
Impact Factor (SJIF 2019): 8.045 
Journal DOI & Cross Ref:10.36713/epra2012
Review Status: 48 Hours
Online Publication: 72 Hours
Print Publication: 30 April 2020 
Dispatch Date:  2 May 2020

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